Who sends their kids to the Waldorf School?

Waldorf education is being discovered by an ever-broadening group of parents, who value the many traditional aspects of the education that remind them of what school was like when they grew up — music, art, recess, movement and games.  These parents are looking for a comprehensive academic program and they realize that the development of their child into a fulfilled adult requires more than intellectual attainment, it involves social skills, self-knowledge, vision and will to aim high and overcome obstacles. Parents who choose East Bay Waldorf School for their children are looking for a well-rounded education with a strong artistic and creative connection.


Here are some of the reasons parents choose EBWS for their child:


Andrew Hoffman:  Restaurateur, Comal and The Advocate

“We wanted our daughter to go to a Waldorf school so as to experience a deeper connection with her education, and her childhood – something that we found difficult in the public school space. EBWS works for us because it fosters the sense of reverence needed to be a part of a healthy, global community.


The commute from Albany is a time for my daughter and I to reflect upon the day before and after transitioning from “home-life.” Often this drive can take 30 minutes through rough traffic but all doubts are lost when I see the joy her classmates and teachers bring her on a daily basis.”

Morgan LaRue: Public High School Teacher

“East Bay Waldorf has provided our children with an authentically nurturing environment that focuses on the whole child and fosters the growth of healthy enduring relationships. Our children look forward to school each day as they experience a well-organized, creative, unhurried, and age-appropriate curriculum that is part of the rich tradition of Waldorf.


At EBWS our children have had the benefit of experiencing frequent forays into the Wildcat Canyon hills that abut the campus, meaningful participation in festivals that honor the different seasons of the year, and have had the ability to develop academically without the pressure of standardize testing, not to mention the benefits of a rich and holistic curriculum in arts, crafts, music, languages, history, science, literature and math. EBWS is a place where kids can get their hands dirty and learn.”

Larry Ormsby:  Executive Search Consultant

“Waldorf is a very special education that spoke to our core values. The school puts emphasis on building a healthy and grounded person who is truly curious about the world. We contrasted this with many public and private options that seemed to mostly talk about preparing our child to pass tests and cover content. That is obviously important to us too. The difference is that Waldorf will prioritize the overall health of the child, creating a student for life.


We love the school. We love the eleven acres of open space. Every day that we drive him to school, we are rewarded with a feeling of happiness and joy when we see the campus. It lifts everyone’s spirit who is there – students and faculty both – and we know this has a positive impact on our son.”