Parents at our school believe that their children get a uniquely valuable education at EBWS.  Parents love the Waldorf curriculum and pedagogy, the quality of the teachers, and our beautiful 11-acre campus.  While families come from all over the East Bay, they enjoy the strong sense of community at the school, actively taking part in seasonal festivals, crafting workshops, volunteering, and many other activities. Here’s what they say in their own words:

What do parents love about the East Bay Waldorf School?


The Waldorf Curriculum

“the incredible curriculum” …  “the developmental approach to educating the child and the emphasis on nurturing the whole child” … “the well-rounded education with languages, music, art, handwork, and movement” … “it goes beyond ‘the 3 Rs’” … “the nourishing and holistic curriculum”

The Waldorf Method

“the focus on what is appropriate for children at each stage of development” … “the hands-on and creative way of learning” … “how it integrates various learning styles” … “the preservation of mystery and protection from commercialism in the lower grades” … “I like the pace that the children learn, with room to play”

The Quality of the Teaching

“the care and dedication of individual teachers” … ”the loving approach of the teachers” … ”the personal attention my child receives in the classroom” … ”the depth in teaching the developing human being” … “that the teachers and staff are well-acquainted with my child and every concern I’ve had about my child has been met with the staff’s full attention, concern, and capability to professionally address the matter at hand” … “how the teachers ‘hold’ each child and class” … ”mindfulness toward the children’s needs” … “love that the teacher stays with the child through 8th grade”

The Beautiful, 11-acre Campus

“the beautiful campus” … “the proximity to Wildcat Canyon [Regional Park]” … “the amount of physical activity the children get” … ”the access to nature” … “the gentleness of the room spaces”

The Community

“the wonderful sense of kindness, caring from parents, teachers, and leaders” … “we feel very connected to other parents and families” … “I always feel welcome”

The Results

“the excitement I see in my child each day at school” …”my son loves to go to school” … “Waldorf education has allowed my child to blossom into a person, not just a student”