Annual Tuition & Fees

The East Bay Waldorf School welcomes students of any color, race, gender, or sexual orientation, and all ethnic, national, cultural, social or religious backgrounds.  We are proud of our diverse community.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition  covers all costs, including school supplies and class trips, except some after school care and programming. Tuition is assessed on an annual basis. Tuition Schedules are included in information packets, listing tuition amounts for the coming year once they have been announced, along with other enrollment & Tuition Adjustment information.

Tuition adjustment is available for families who demonstrate need.

  • We endeavor to balance the needs of individual families with the overall financial health of the school. Tuition Adjustment (TA) affects the school’s operating budget; the school does not have an endowment fund or receive government grants. The operating budget is used to pay teachers a living wage (not yet achieved), maintain the safety and beauty of our campus and support student-centered programs. Tuition Adjustment is not meant to support a family’s lifestyle of overspending or protection and accumulation of personal wealth and is offered to families in our Kindergarten through 8th grade.

    Reduction in tuition is based on an independent assessment of a family’s financial need. The assessment results are combined with the family’s Tuition Adjustment Questionnaire and carefully considered by the school’s Tuition Adjustment Committee, which makes the final decision.


    Here are the steps to applying for Tuition Adjustment for 2018-19:


    1. Read the Tuition Adjustment information below, and complete the 2018-19 Tuition Adjustment Questionnaire (here). Return this form with your Enrollment Application immediately (deadline has passed). 

    2. Read instructions (here) on how to set up your SMART AID account.

    3. Set up your SMART AID account by going to Smart Aid. Online forms must be complete and uploaded by Friday, February 16, 2018 (for returning families).

    3. Contact our Business Manager, Mary Ann Schumann:, if you have questions.

    Any applications received after the deadline will be considered on a rolling, aid-available basis.



    Please note: Tuition Adjustment is available for children attending Kindergarten through 8th grade. Tuition Adjustment does not apply to enrollment fees, which are due at the time of enrollment. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Each family must reapply for Tuition Adjustment each year. Families will be expected to increase their contribution to tuition by approximately 5% each year. Applications for admission received after the January 20th, 2018 deadline will only have the Tuition Adjustment application considered in the event that funds are still available.

  • East Bay Waldorf School students have applied for and received tuition assistance from other scholarship programs.  A link to one of these programs is provided below.  We recommend that applicants contact these programs directly as soon as possible as each one has unique criteria, processes and deadlines.


    The Basic Fund
    The BASIC Fund is a good source for additional tuition assistance; several of our students received assistance from them for the school year. If you have a new student attending our school for the first time (this includes siblings of already registered students), you are eligible to apply for assistance from the BASIC Fund. Please check their website for more information and to basic fund application 2016-2017.  Please note: even if you receive the full amount from the BASIC Fund, it will not cover reduced tuition for the school year.


    The Independent Scholarship Fund

    The Independent Institute joins the successful efforts of numerous community initiatives around the country to offer children a competitive education alternative in the San Francisco East Bay.

    The Independent Scholarship Fund (ISF) is a privately funded scholarship program of The Independent Institute that provides tuition assistance to low- and moderate-income families in Contra Costa and Alameda counties for K-12 private or parochial schools. The mission of ISF is to help families achieve freedom of choice in the education of their children. See the website for more information.

Tuition Schedule 2018-19

Class/GradeMonthly Tuition (10-monthly payments)Annual Tuition
See Current Rates/Session Here
3-Day Preschool$857$8,570*
5-Day Preschool$1,229$12,290*
Grades 1-8$1,948$19,480*
New Student Registration Fee
(One Time,
all Grades)
After School CareSee Current Rates Here
*All supply /
class trip fees included.
Possible instrument rental/classes
extra for
grades 4-8.
Sibling DiscountsInquire within