Parent Participation

It starts each year – a week or two before school opens – with an all-school workday. Lines of cars are driving up Clark Road, slowing at the entrance, entering into the campus that has been bereft of the voices of children all summer.  Heavy fog cloaks the golden hills of Wildcat Canyon in quietness, reminiscent of the quiet school grounds of summer.  This is soon dispelled by the ringing of tools, the music of laughter, and warming sun.  The Campus Care staff gratefully greets everyone with a list of tasks, a joke, and cool drinks. Parents, teachers and children begin to prune, weed, dig, clean, paint, repair, refinish, sort and organize all aspects of the school in preparation for the arrival of the happy students.

This active contribution continues all year long….


Parent involvement is perhaps the most important facet of the East Bay Waldorf School community.  We succeed, thanks in a large part to this culture of contribution of our community members.  In fact, our parent involvement supports critical elements of our school's programs, some of which rely entirely on the effort of parents and community members. 

Parent participation is directly linked to the children's success in school. It demonstrates that their education is important.  Parent involvement is directly linked to school health and stability.  The shared work builds connections and relationships.  Giving of one's talents and skills is rewarding… And it’s just plain fun!

The school and parent community ask that each parent commit to the best of their ability to participating in the life of the school with time, skills and money. Parents do many tasks, including office assistance, catering preparations, and building and grounds beautification.  Parent Harvest Faire Coordinators plan and oversee the fairs, and every class has its own coordinator. All families make practical contributions to the school fairs, festivals, events, and smooth running of each class.



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