Annual Fund

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The Annual Fund supports our tuition assistance program that makes the school accessible to a wide range of families and it supports our rich educational program.

Though participation is a vital component of any fundraising, it is probably most critical in the Annual Fund appeal. In 1994, the school removed its mandatory annual "development fee" so that parents had the opportunity to support the needs and vision of the school through voluntary gifts. Concurrent with the elimination of the mandatory fee came the creation of the Annual Fund.

Establishing a giving record that represents internal support for the school is essential for foundations, corporations, and other individuals who typically request information about the participation of the parent body in annual giving. High participation is interpreted as a high level of commitment and enthusiasm for the future of the school. A monetary contribution is important to us, however it is the gesture of the gift that represents your support for the mission and vision of the school.

The Annual Fund campaign usually runs in the Autumn of each year. Payment options are available.

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