Sweet Pea Parent and Child Program

Our Sweet Pea Parent and Child Program includes classes for parents and young children of different ages.  It is the place where we welcome the newest and youngest members of our community. It is the beginning of many long and mutually supportive relationship between you and our school and Waldorf education. Taught by early childhood specialists, parents observe, move, and interact with their young children in a nurturing, playful environment. Each week, different themes will focus on the foundations of movement development, the importance of rhythm, working with the senses, and building healthy habits. The Parent and Child Program is a wonderful introduction to Waldorf education, the majority of the children transition into our PreK or Kindergarten Programs.

Classes are held weekly in semester series. Families can drop in for classes at $25 per class or sign up for a series at $20 per class. When you have signed up for a series you may re-schedule or receive a refund for up to two missed classes.



Parents and Infants

Click here for more information about Birthe Kaarsholm

For questions about the class and curriculum, email the instructor, Birthe Kaarsholm.


Parents and Children - Walking to PreK age

Click here for details about the Parent/Toddler program (Brochure)

For questions about the class and curriculum, email the instructor, Elizabeth Jarvis.

To register for a class please email the enrollments office.


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