Tuition Adjustment

The East Bay Waldorf School is committed to providing access to the school’s exceptional education to families of all economic situations. We encourage you to apply for tuition adjustment if you are committed to a Waldorf education for your children, are willing to prioritize your own spending to achieve that goal, and have a true need.

We endeavor to balance the needs of individual families with the overall financial health of the school. Tuition adjustment affects the school’s operating budget; the school does not own an endowment fund or receive government grants. The operating budget is used to pay teachers a living wage (not yet achieved), maintain the safety and beauty of our campus and support student centered programs. Tuition adjustment is not meant to support a family’s lifestyle of over spending or protection and accumulation of personal wealth.

Reduction in tuition is based on an independent assessment of a family's financial need through FACTS. The assessment results are combined with the family’s Tuition Adjustment Questionnaire and carefully considered by the school’s Tuition Adjustment Committee, which makes the final decision.

   (Click here to view links to outside financial aid opportunities.)  

Here are the steps to applying for Tuition Adjustment for 2014-15:

            1. Complete the FACTS online application, submitting all required documents.  Please do this first - it takes up to 2 weeks for FACTS to process your application once it is complet

            2. Complete and submit the school's Tuition Adjustment Questionnaire and all required documents as indicated on the questionnaire, to the school's Business Office in a closed envelope.

            3. If you submit your 2012 tax return with your FACTS application, you must turn in your 2013 tax return to the Business Office before June 1, 2014.  This will be used to verify your tuition adjustment.  (You do not need to submit your 2013 taxes to the Business Office if you used them with your FACTS application.) 

You may submit our TA Questionnaire at any time before that date.

Please note:

  • Tuition adjustment is not available for children attending school less than 5 days per week.

  • Tuition adjustment does not apply to enrollment fees. Fees are due at the time of enrollment.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Each family must reapply for tuition adjustment each year.

  • Families will be expected to increase their contribution to tuition by at least 5% each year.

  • Tuition adjustment will expire for families whose contracts and enrollment fees are not received by the Business Office within 5 days of receipt of the Tuition Adjustment Letter.

  • New students applying after March 21st will be considered for Tuition Adjustment if the school's cap on adjustment funds has not been reached.


 Tuition Adjustment Questionnaire


 Outside Financial Aid Opportunities

East Bay Waldorf School students have applied for and received tuition assistance from other scholarship programs.  Links to these programs are provided below.  We recommend that applicants contact these programs directly as soon as possible as each one has unique criteria, processes and deadlines.

The Basic Fund

The BASIC Fund is a good source for additional tuition assistance; several of our students received assistance from them for the school year. If you have a new student attending our school for the first time (this includes siblings of already registered students), you are eligible to apply for assistance from the BASIC Fund. Please check their website for more information and to download the application form.

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