Mission & Philosophy

East Bay Waldorf School ignites the spark of individuality in each child, developing a lifelong commitment to learning, creativity, and excellence. We educate students to seek lives of vibrancy, purpose, and active engagement in service of an inspired and compassionate world.

Born of the insights of Rudolf Steiner, our curriculum unfolds an enriching and rigorous synthesis of academic, artistic, and practical pursuits for intellectual, moral, and physical development. 

At East Bay Waldorf School, children are educated through a dynamic and developmentally appropriate curriculum which offers rich, diverse and profound learning experiences.  We strive to insure that each child's individual potential can unfold, by developing creative and imaginative capacities and building a strong academic foundation.

Waldorf Education Develops Lifelong Capacities By Cultivating:

  • Inner enthusiasm for learning

  • Rigorous, clear thinking

  • Creativity

  • Respect and appreciation for the world

  • Initiative and responsibility


The uniqueness of the Waldorf approach lies in how the students are taught. Whether the subject is arithmetic, history, or physics, the class or subject teacher brings life to knowledge through vivid descriptions and characterizations which heighten students' curiosity, engage their feelings. and bring depth to academic studies. The teacher leads the students into painting, music, writing, rhythm, drama, experiments, poetry, drawing or movement to stimulate their imagination, strengthen their memory and add breadth to their learning experiences and abilities.

The students focus on one subject for several weeks during an extended morning lesson (main lesson), which allows time for understanding to merge with experience. Waldorf students develop individual "textbooks" called main lesson books for these blocks. In this way, what is learned will live in the student.

Our Teachers

  • Value each student's unique talents and needs

  • Create a warm, cooperative environment

Our Students

  • Develop a love for learning through discovery that continues into adulthood

  • Build self-assurance by learning through experience

Our Curriculum

  • Integrates the sciences, humanities, mathematics, music, movement and the arts to develop creative thinking



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