EBWS is an independent, self-administered, collaboratively-led institution.   Our view is that governance is a framework that should be designed to free up human capacity—allowing a place where we can meet each other as equals, respecting individuality and each one’s higher inspiration—while providing a context for effective decision-making.

Beginning this school year, we have taken up a new form of self Management. In essence we have divided the work that was previously all held by the College and reorganized into the following three groups.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council (LC) is the group of the faculty and staff that holds responsibility for the overall quality of teaching, setting of curricular goals, and integrity of the pedagogical approach used in the classroom. The Leadership Council meets weekly and supports the full faculty, known as the College, the Administration, and the Board by managing communication among these principal groups. It makes day-to-day decisions and executes tasks that help to keep East Bay Waldorf School running smoothly. It delegates larger tasks for further consideration and development to the relevant committees or bodies. Leadership Council serves as the implementing body for all new decisions and policies formulated by other bodies and committees,  to provide cohesion  to the self-managing government of the school. This includes all final deliberation and decision-making on student disciplinary action (suspension, expulsion).  As such, it has at its disposal the full administrative staff to assist it in carrying out the business of the school.  You can email the group at:

Parent Support

Parent Support is the group of the faculty and staff that hold the responsibility for supporting parents and teachers should there be a conflict or resolution required and all previous attempts. have not led to a resolution.  You can email this group at:

Human Resources

HR is comprised of faculty and staff who work to manage the human resources practices of the school. This includes Evaluations, Mentoring, and Compliance  with state and federal employment laws. HR members are dedicated to upholding “best practices”. You can email the group at


Additionally we are supported by the Board:
The Board has four governance responsibilities: supporting the school’s mission and ensuring long-term sustainability of the school in pursuit of that mission; providing financial oversight; ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; and, working in collaboration with the school leadership and Administration, supporting the pedagogical goals of the school.

These groups work collaboratively to accomplish the full range of the school’s necessary functions in pursuit of our educational mission—from the day-to-day and year-to-year operations of a Parent-Child program to 8th grade Waldorf school to the conception and implementation of the school’s strategic plan.  This collaborative organization is enabled by organizational design elements such as cross-membership of key groups, faculty committee work, participation in functional meetings and frequent communication.