East Bay Waldorf School is currently hiring:


The East Bay Waldorf School is seeking an experienced colleague to join our team. The Pedagogical Administrator is a senior management position and provides administration for the pedagogical work of East Bay Waldorf School, an early childhood through 8th grade Waldorf School. The nature of this working environment requires an orientation toward service and collaboration.



  • Leadership Council Member, attends section meetings (on rotation) for LS, MS, and Subjects
  • Primary spokesperson for the school regarding pedagogy, child development, curriculum and teaching methods
  • Works closely with the College and Leadership Council in areas of curriculum development, teaching rubrics, and classroom policy.
  • Point person for the school on resolution of parent concerns regarding pedagogy, quality of instruction and other related issues.
  • Responsible, in consultation with Administrator and Leadership Council for Personnel matters regarding teaching staff.
  • Responsible for supporting recruitment of new faculty.
  • Work with Administrator, Finance Committee and Board of Trustees to develop and implement an annual budget for school operations. providing particular oversight in the area of pedagogical supplies, staffing and program requirements.
  • Work with College and Leadership Council to establish calendar, programs, and schedule for each school year.
  • Supports the application and interview process for new students in coordination with the Enrollment Manager.
  • Observe classes throughout the year and provide support and resources for children and teachers.
  • Hold evaluations with Leadership Council and HR Committee




  • Expertise in guiding faculty and staff participation using a collaborative style of decision-making
  • Ability to work in both supportive and supervisory roles
  • Experience in Human Resource policies and procedures
  • Strong communication skills both verbal and written, including proficiency with email and word-processing
  • Ability to facilitate and lead group meetings
  • Ability to collaborate well with multiple stakeholders at the school, i.e. parents, faculty, College of Teachers, Board, Administration, etc…
  • Ability to manage conflict resolution with clarity, equipoise and diplomacy when situations arise in parent or faculty body
  • Strong analytic and procedural thinking
  • Ability to organize on both global and local levels
  • Willingness and commitment to serve; “servant leader”
  • Emotional maturity, unwavering in the face of highly emotional encounters
  • Receptive to the existing culture and life of the school


  • Waldorf Teaching Certification
  • Previous employment in private Waldorf School with significant teaching experience at the grade school level
  • A deep understanding of Waldorf pedagogy
  • Ability to align with the mission of the school and the social vision of Rudolf Steiner
  • Bachelor’s degree


Preschool Assistant/Lead Teacher

The East Bay Waldorf School is seeking warm, imaginative, and mature teachers with high social intelligence to support our Early Childhood programs. We are looking for candidates who have completed Waldorf Teacher Training, ideally have previous Waldorf teaching experience, a grounding in anthroposophy and a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. All teachers must have excellent communication skills, the ability to plan and organize instruction, and the equanimity to work well with young children and their parents. An aptitude for strong colleagueship is also highly valued in order to support and build positive group working in the Early Childhood faculty.



The EBWS Early Childhood includes a state licensed preschool.  The teachers must ensure their program is in compliance with state regulations at all times. Preschool employees must have 12 units of EC college credits. All applicants must be prepared to submit to background checks, complete CPR/First Aid training, and meet all state vaccination and health requirements. It is imperative that you can lift 50lbs, work with children needing individual attention, a small group and even guide the entire group if need be. You need to be comfortable hiking in uneven terrain, enjoy the outdoors, be flexible in your work hours and have the ability and willingness to take on the program that is being developed collaboratively among our EC classrooms and programs.

Our People

Through strong collegial collaboration, grounded in a solid commitment to anthroposophy, the faculty and staff work out of a consensus type model. Our teachers are committed to lifelong learning and developing themselves both personally and professionally.  Knowing how to build and maintain strong relationships with students, parents and colleagues is essential.  We offer a competitive benefits package to full time faculty, with additional compensation for experience.


Assistants are paid $20-$25 an hour depending on experience and  training. If not fully Waldorf trained, we require that you commit to enroll in a Waldorf training in the first year.

It is possible that this position will be at more than 32 hours a week, which entitles you to benefits and remission at a prorated amount based on our hours. If only 6 credits have been accomplished, a detailed plan to meet the CCL requirements with the first year is acceptable.

Our lead teachers are salaried, with a base of $51,500, plus years of experience, and receive both insurance and remission. As we are a growing program, we imagine a lead position opening within a year and hold the possibility of the Assistant moving into that role.


Candidates should familiarize themselves with the school via this website prior to applying.  Please send your resume, along with a letter of interest, highlighting your teaching experience, life experience, qualifications and strengths. In addition, please include three references that we may contact. Please submit an email resume to: jobs@eastbaywaldorf.org.

The East Bay Waldorf School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes applicants of any color, race, gender, sexual orientation, and all ethnic, national, cultural, social and religious backgrounds.