East Bay Waldorf School is currently hiring:


Early Childhood teachers in the East Bay Waldorf School work on behalf of the entire school as they often establish the initial relationship a family has with the school. EBWS teachers are expected to create and maintain a professional program true to the ideals of Waldorf pedagogy. They follow all school policies as indicated in the Employee Handbook and as determined by the Board of Trustees, Leadership Council and the Administration. The EBWS Early Childhood includes a state licensed preschool.  The teachers must ensure their program is in compliance with state regulations at all times.

Aftercare Assistant Responsibilities

  • Care for the physical and emotional well-being of the children and their families
  • Work with individual children who need guidance
  • Foster positive relationships with their colleagues, the children and families  
  • Know and implement discipline policy set in All School and Early Childhood Parent Handbook
  • Be aware of creative play of children, redirect and inspire them as necessary
  • Participate in domestic activities joyously
  • Care for the physical environment which includes maintaining a beautiful classroom that is clean and orderly
  • Enjoy and interact with the outdoors in all weather conditions including frequent hikes
  • Assist children in and out of sleep
  • Care for a child’s personal needs in self care
  • Maintain needed paperwork, including daily sign in sheets
  • Hold the order and rhythm of the class in lead teachers absence

Teacher/Assistant Relationships

  • Lead Teacher will share the daily/weekly rhythms, preview activities, festivals and other special occasions, and instruct assistant in ways to support classroom activities.
  • The assistant’s primary role is to support the teacher and the children in the way the lead teacher determines.
  • Assistant and lead teacher will meet weekly to review, evaluate and share.

Safe and Healthy Classroom Environment

  • Ensure that all equipment and materials are appropriate and in good repair
  • Ensure that children are in sight of a supervising adult at all times
  • Model and uphold safe standards of behavior
  • Ensure that cleaning compounds or other potentially harmful materials are kept out of reach of children
  • Regularly clean classroom materials and equipment
  • Practice good health standards (i.e. Wash hands before food preparation, cover items stored in refrigerator, keep refrigerator no warmer than 40 degrees, sanitize dishes,)
  • Prepare food planned by Lead Teacher
  • Prior knowledge about how to safely care for and support children
  • Dress children appropriately for weather conditions

State Licensing Requirements

  • 12 ECE units (or 6 completed and 6 in process)
  • Mandatory state reporter of child abuse
  • Hold a current Child First Aid and CPR card
  • Abide by all state licensing requirements


The Early Childhood Assistant Teacher position is hourly and, beginning November 28th.
Weekly schedule during school year: Flexibility required, 15 hours a week
M 12:15-5:15
T 12:15-5:15 (Section meeting: Tuesday at 2:00)
W 12:15-5:15

Pay is $18 an hour for education of up to 12 EC units. 12 plus units or Waldorf Certification pays $20 per hour.To apply for this position, send your cover letter and resume and three references to jobs@eastbaywaldorf.org


The East Bay Waldorf School is seeking an experienced colleague to join our team. The Pedagogical Administrator is a senior management position and provides administration for the pedagogical work of East Bay Waldorf School, an early childhood through 8th grade Waldorf School. The nature of this working environment requires an orientation toward service and collaboration.



  • Leadership Council Member, attends section meetings (on rotation) for LS, MS, and Subjects
  • Primary spokesperson for the school regarding pedagogy, child development, curriculum and teaching methods
  • Works closely with the College and Leadership Council in areas of curriculum development, teaching rubrics, and classroom policy.
  • Point person for the school on resolution of parent concerns regarding pedagogy, quality of instruction and other related issues.
  • Responsible, in consultation with Administrator and Leadership Council for Personnel matters regarding teaching staff.
  • Responsible for supporting recruitment of new faculty.
  • Work with Administrator, Finance Committee and Board of Trustees to develop and implement an annual budget for school operations. providing particular oversight in the area of pedagogical supplies, staffing and program requirements.
  • Work with College and Leadership Council to establish calendar, programs, and schedule for each school year.
  • Supports the application and interview process for new students in coordination with the Enrollment Manager.
  • Observe classes throughout the year and provide support and resources for children and teachers.
  • Hold evaluations with Leadership Council and HR Committee




  • Expertise in guiding faculty and staff participation using a collaborative style of decision-making
  • Ability to work in both supportive and supervisory roles
  • Experience in Human Resource policies and procedures
  • Strong communication skills both verbal and written, including proficiency with email and word-processing
  • Ability to facilitate and lead group meetings
  • Ability to collaborate well with multiple stakeholders at the school, i.e. parents, faculty, College of Teachers, Board, Administration, etc…
  • Ability to manage conflict resolution with clarity, equipoise and diplomacy when situations arise in parent or faculty body
  • Strong analytic and procedural thinking
  • Ability to organize on both global and local levels
  • Willingness and commitment to serve; “servant leader”
  • Emotional maturity, unwavering in the face of highly emotional encounters
  • Receptive to the existing culture and life of the school


  • Waldorf Teaching Certification
  • Previous employment in private Waldorf School with significant teaching experience at the grade school level
  • A deep understanding of Waldorf pedagogy
  • Ability to align with the mission of the school and the social vision of Rudolf Steiner
  • Bachelor’s degree



The East Bay Waldorf School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes applicants of any color, race, gender, sexual orientation, and all ethnic, national, cultural, social and religious backgrounds.